(Kyoto University Hakubi Center)

In cooperation with the Hakubi Center (the Young Researcher Development Center) , FSERC welcomed new researchers as program-specific faculty members.

(for more information of Hakubi Project, please access the Hakubi Project webpage)

■Program-Specific Assistant Professor [Hakubi Project] (from April 2015)
KAGAYA, Katsushi, D. Sc. (Hokkaido Univ.), Animal Physiology, Neuroethology, Neurophysiology
E-mail : kagaya.katsushi.8e_at_kyoto-u.ac.jp

* Kagaya, Katsushi ; Patek, N. Sheila. “Feed-forward motor control of ultrafast, ballistic movements.” Journal of Experimental Biology. 2016, 219, p.319-333
* Kagaya, Katsushi ; Takahata, Masakazu. “Sequential synaptic excitation and inhibition shape readiness discharge for voluntary behavior.” Science. 2011, 332(6027), p.365-368
* Kagaya, K. ; Takahata, M. “Readiness discharge for spontaneous initiation of walking in crayfish.” The Journal of Neuroscience. 2010, 30(4), p.1348-1362