November 26th – 28th, 2013

About the symposium

Purpose and topics

The first International Symposium on the Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans (CoHHO), on watershed and coastal management for environmental and biodiversity conservation and management will be organized by the Field Science Education and Research Center and the Educational Unit for CoHHO, Kyoto University.

Symposium participants are invited from around the globe to present and discuss new ideas to overcome threats to the functioning of our watersheds, forests, rivers, coasts and oceans.

Participants will introduce, discuss, develop and evaluate effective approaches for restoring natural ecosystem connectivity as well as socio-economic and environmental benefits based on examples from around the world. The primary goal of the symposium will be 1) –to recognize the importance of connectivity between ecosystems and 2) –to sustain commitment and momentum for watershed and coastal management based upon connectivity studies.


For more information on CoHHO studies, please refer to the Kyoto University CoHHO Educational Unit website.


The symposium will have oral presentations and a poster session.

Three sessions will feature oral presentations and an invited keynote speaker:

  1. Connectivity between ecosystems and its disruption
  2. Human impacts on watersheds and coastal ecosystems
  3. Solutions for functioning ecosystems: management for maintaining connectivity in human landscapes