November 26th – 28th, 2013

Symposium Executive Committee

The member of executive committee for CoHHO Symposium

Secretary of Executive Committee
Correspondence to program, registration and financial support

Hiroshi Mukai,

Dr. Sci., Prof. of the Educational Unit of CoHHO, Kyoto Univ.


PHONE: +81-75-753-6425



Takahito Yoshioka

Prof. of Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto Univ.


Members of Executive Committee for CoHHO Symposium

Kaori Anbutsu, Dr. Environ. Sci., Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Katsumi Miyazaki, Dr. Sci., Lecture,

Keitaro Fukushima, Dr. Agr., Post-Doctoral Fellow,

Hisashi Hasegawa, Dr. Arg., Associate Prof.,

Reiji Masuda, Dr. Agr., Associate Prof.,

Hiroshi Mukai, Dr. Sci., Prof.,

Natsuki Shimizu, Dr. Agr., Associate Prof.,

Naoko Tokuchi, Dr. Agr., Prof.,

Nobuaki Arai, Dr. Agri., Prof.,

Yoh Yamashita, Dr. Agr., Prof.,

Hisashi Yokoyama, Dr. Agr., Associate Prof.,

Takahito Yoshioka, Dr. Sci., Prof.,

Miki Yoshizumi, Dr. Grobal Environmental Studies, Associate Prof.,



Funded by

Kyoto University

The Kyoto University Foundation


With the cooperation of

Japanese Society of Biogeochemistry