November 26th – 28th, 2013

For all participants -important information-

For all participants -important information-

Access to Shiran Kaikan
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Information for presenters(NEW! 2013/10/25 updated)

Poster presentations guidelines

1.Size of a panel board for poster exhibition is 90 cm x 210 cm. But, 10cm from top of the panel will be used for Number of Poster. You can use 90 cm x 200 cm space.
2.The poster should include title, author(s), institute(s), and text. Title should be printed by large size font.
3.The poster exhibition will be kept two days, 26th and 27th November, 2013. The panel will set from 26th morning. The pin up of your poster should be done until 15:00 of 26th, Tuesday.
4.The core time of the first day is 17:10~18:00. The second core time is 13:00~14:00 of 27th, Wednesday. During the core times, please explain your paper in front of your poster.
5.At the first core time, the odd number of posters mainly will be explained, and at the second core time, the even number of posters mainly will be explained.
6.In the second day, poster session will be closed at 16:30. Please put off your poster before 16:30. If you leave the poster on the board, we will dump it after 16:30.
7.Basically poster session is only poster exhibition. But, if you want to exhibit PC or some other materials, please contact with the CoHHO symposium committee until one week before.


Oral presentations guidelines

1.Slide pictures can be used by PowerPoint application for Windows and Mac. Please prepare the slide file into stick memory with USB and bring it at the symposium.
2.We will accept your file by stick memory at the acceptance table in front of the entrance of the venue (2F).
3.Please bring it early to your presentation and check to work by yourself on our PC. If you need to use your PC for presentation, please prepare it by yourself and tell to acceptance table before the session.


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