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Chief, Professor
 TOKUCHI, Naoko, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Forest Ecosystem Ecology, Nitrogen Dynamics
Assistant Professor
 SAKIMOTO, Michinori, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Forest Ecology ; Tree Behavior Ecology and Eco-morphology

This forest, located in the suburbs of Kyoto City, about 5km north-west-north of the University campus, is convenient for research and education. The total area is 47ha, half of which is covered with secondary forest composed mainly of Chamaecyparis obtusa and deciduous tree species. There are some arboretum of indigenous and foreign tree species, and nurseries.

The main subjects of study are the afforestation and the breeding of foreign species. Many tree species are gathered by the exchange of tree seeds with over 100 biological institutes around the world and over 800 tree species are growing at present. 80 species of the genus Pinus, 70 species of the subfamily Bambusoideae and 80 species of the genus Rhododendron have been collected. Recently, study of the management of devastated urban forests has been started.

URL : http://fserc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/kami