Mr. Ryo Nakayama win ORAL PRESENTATION AWARDS(Research of Excellence)

Mr. Ryo Nakayama (Doctor of Graduate School of Science) received ORAL PRESENTATION AWARDS(Research of Excellence) at International Malacology Seminar, Society for the Study of Molluscan Diversity at Shimizu Campus, Tokai University on February 16, 2019.
2019(平成31)年2月16日に、東海大学清水キャンパスで開催された軟体動物多様性学会 国際研究発表において、理学研究科生物科学専攻 博士後期課程3回生 中山 凌氏および中野 智之助教が、軟体動物多様性学会大会優秀賞(Research of Excellence)を受賞しました。

The title: The epizoic limpets.
Authors: Ryo Nakayama and Tomoyuki Nakano

Epizoic limpets are characterized by inhabiting body surface of other animals. However, little attention has been given to this behavior. To clarify the evolution and adaptation of epizoism, we investigated a Japanese epizoic species Lottia tenuisculpta based on ecology, behavior, and molecular phylogeny. As results of research, an epizoism is adaptive for decreasing the interspecific competition for resources and stabling the environment of microhabitat in the intertidal area. Additionally, an epizoism is likely to have evolved several times independently in Patellogastropoda.


ニュースレター48号 2019年6月