Azwar Azmillah Sujaswaraさんが学生優秀論文発表賞を受賞

2022年10月01日に、農学研究科森林科学専攻森林育成学分野の修士2年のAzwar Azmillah Sujaswaraさんが、つくば国際会議場で開催された森林利用学会第29回学術研究発表会において、学生優秀論文発表賞を受賞しました。


Title: The Utilization of SfM that Combines Images Taken Above and Below the Canopy Using UAV for Deriving Forest Inventory Data
Authors: Azwar Azmillah Sujaswara, Hisashi Hasegawa

 This study uses a consumer-grade UAV to produce a 3D model of forests and inventory data through the SfM (Structure from Motion) algorithm. We proposed a new approach to flying the UAV below and above the canopy. As a result, we could generate 3D models with higher precision than airborne LiDAR, and its DBH measurement accuracy was up to 1.5cm RMSE. Drone flight in forests currently requires advanced piloting skills. However, the results of this research clarified the possibility of automatic data acquisition by AI drones, which will spread in the future.