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Chief, Professor
 TOKUCHI, Naoko, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Forest Ecosystem Ecology, Nitrogen Dynamics
 TATENO, Ryunosuke, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Forest Ecology (Nutrient cycling, Plant N use, Carbon allocation, Gene flow etc)
Associate Professor
 HASEGAWA, Hisashi, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Forestry/forest engineering

This forest is located in the central part of the Kii Peninsula. Most of this area has a steep mountainous topography and there are some waterfalls. The total area is 842ha, and more than half is covered by plantations of Cryptomeria japonica and Chamaecyparis obtusa. In natural forest areas, Abies firma and Tsuga sieboldii are dominant. In the deciduous broad-leaved forests located over 950m above see level, Fagus crenata is observed. The annual mean temperature is 12.4 deg. C and the annual precipitation is 2,622mm.

The subject of research focuses on the sustainable forest management of plantation forests; sustained yield management planning, site preparation and silvicultural practices, timber harvesting and road network planning, and operational efficiency and product utilization. In addition to these, the ecological biodiversity studies on the stand dynamics of natural forest, the ecosystem reserves program and the watershed management are made in this forest.

URL : http://fserc.kyoto-u.ac.jp/waka/

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