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Chief, Associate Professor
 ISE, Takeshi, Ph.D. in Biology (Harvard Univ.), Simulating terrestrial ecosystems, carbon cycling

The station was originated in 1937 as the Oshima Warm Temperate Flora Station, re-funded in 1967 and re-built as one of the FSERC in 2003 on Kii-oshima Island off the southernmost part of Honshu. The station occupies about 12 hectares of the Island in warm temperate climate with a high precipitation. Half of the site is covered by evergreen broad-leaved trees and plants from various habitats, consisting 135 families and 760 species. In these circumstances, Camelliaceae and other plant families introduced are also conserved. Undergraduate students attend pocket seminars, lectures and fundamental field works of the forest-human habitation-marine science, biota survey and human ecosystem conservation.


For access to the Kii-Oshima Research Station, please contact by phone.
Tel. +81-735-65-0125