(Educational Unit for Studies on the Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans (CoHHO))

This Unit finished the project in March 2018.

 Field Science Education and Research Center (FSERC), Graduate School of Agriculture, the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, established the ‘Educational Unit for CoHHO study’ in new project ‘CoHHO project’ with the Nippon Foundation from April 2012. While the FSERC has promoted this concept since its inception, the aim of the new unit is to formally establish an academic field of study and develop international talent to become active in the field and to promote the importance of connectivity.
 This education unit addresses these problems by specially focusing on the interactions between land ecosystems, coastal marine ecosystems and human activities. The unit provides the “Studies on the CoHHO Education Program” for graduate students as an English-language course. The “Studies on the CoHHO” program will identify and study the linkages by employing the concept of integrated watershed and coastal management (IWCM). The unit expects graduates to contribute to conserving integrated coastal and watershed ecosystems.

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This unit is affiliated with the Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research.