10769 Tokuyama-Hachikubo, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi 745-0851
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Chief, Professor
 TOKUCHI, Naoko, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Forest Ecosystem Ecology, Nitrogen Dynamics

This forest is located in Shunan City, 5km from the coast of the Seto Inland Sea and its total area is 42ha. Half of this area is covered with plantations of mainly Chamaecyparis obtusa and the other half is secondary forest of broad-leaved trees.

Principal research efforts involve the breeding and growing tests. Also carried out are the silvicultural study on Chamaecyparis obtusa stands, the study on material cycling in these stands and the ecological study of natural forest succession.


* By bullet train (Sanyo-Shinkansen) from Kyoto sta. (or Shin-Osaka sta.)
— By bullet train, get off Tokuyama sta. (JR-West). [2h or 2.5h] — (1) By Bouchou bus for Takao-Danchi [20min] and get off Takao-Danchi and walk [10min] — (2) By taxi from Tokuyama sta. [20min]

* By car from Kyoto University(Kyoto city)
— By car to Tokuyama Experimental Station via the Meishin and Sanyo highway (452km) [6h]